Mulch in Minnesota yards and planting beds is used primarily for its aesthetic appeal, its most important job is to protect to the health of the plants. Mulch helps to moderate soil temperatures to keep pace with our sometimes extreme weather—keeping yards and soils cooler in the summer months and keeping soil temperatures steady during spring and fall when frost goes in and out of the soil. More than that, mulch helps keep moisture in soils, deter weed growth, and add organics to the soil as it naturally decomposes over time.

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Mulch Products

Note: Pictures of mulches and colors will vary on computer screens and are for reference only.
hardwood mulch
Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch is made with untreated wood products, double ground for a rough, organic look.
$25.00/cubic yard

hardwood chips
Hardwood Chips

Hardwood Chips are made from untreated slab wood and cut into one to two inch chips for a natural, refined look.
$35.00/cubic yard

bark mulch
Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch is a very fine product to give a darker, softer look to any landscaping project.
$37.00/cubic yard

chocolate-colored mulch
Chocolate-Colored Mulch

Chocolate-Colored Mulch is made from natural hardwoods and colored with an environmentally-safe chocolate dye for a rich, dark product.
$46.00/cubic yard

forest brown mulch
Forest Brown Mulch

Forest Brown Mulch is made from natural hardwoods and colored with an environmentally safe dye for a medium brown colored product.
$46.00/cubic yard

ruby red mulch
Ruby Red Mulch

Ruby Red Mulch is a natural hardwood product colored with environmentally safe dyes to add a vibrant look to any ground cover needs.
$46.00/cubic yard

honey gold mulch
Honey Gold Mulch

Honey Gold Mulch is dyed with environmentally safe products and made of natural hardwood to brighten residential and commercial landscaping projects.
$46.00/cubic yard

western red cedar mulch
Western Red Cedar Mulch

Western Red Cedar Mulch is produced from Western Canada cedar logs and finely ground for a soft, fresh landscaping cover.
$73.00/cubic yard

MN northern white cedar mulch
MN Northern White Cedar Mulch

MN Northern White Cedar Mulch is made from logs grown right here in Minnesota. The fresh, beautiful mulch adds a refined look to any landscaping project.
$63.00/cubic yard

playground mulch
Playground Mulch

Playground Mulch is our softest mulch, and is certified by the American National Standards Institute as a premier product for safe, beautiful playgrounds.
$39.00/cubic yard

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