Plant health, water quality, and even the nutritional value of our food is dependent on the wellbeing of our soil. One of the best ways to rebuild structure and health for almost all soil and all soil conditions is compost. Compost is an all-material that helps build the ecosystem and right environment needed for your plants to thrive, in Minnesota and beyond.

At SET we are committed to developing products that improve our environment, and as a pioneer in the Minnesota composting industry, we have helped set the standard for quality composting products.  

Our compost is made from yard trimmings and organic waste and meets the United States Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program (STA). This testing program is the best way to know that the product you are using is “finished” and safe for use.  

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Learn more about our compost products below. Need help figuring out which compost is right for you? Contact us today and let our experts walk you through it. We are passionate about Minnesota compost and soil.

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We offer STA Certified compost and soil

Compost Products

Our Nature’s Blend line of quality compost soils

Grade 2 Compost

Compost made from leaves and other recycled yard materials. Can also be made from food residuals recovered from waste streams for composting. Typically used for soil amending, in soil blends and for erosion control measures on City, County and State road projects. (MnDOT 3890 and SSOM material)
Price available on request.

STA Tested Organic Compost

Compost is made from locally recycled yard and garden pruning and other compostable materials like leaves and grass. Ideal for soil amending and mulching existing soils. Compost from The Mulch Store improves the soil by adding organic matter, microbes, nutrients, and trace minerals. We test this product for pathogens, heavy metals, nutrients, C/N ratio, maturity and so much more to make sure the product is safe for use.
$25.00/cubic yard

STA Topdressing Organic Compost

Same material and testing as our STA tested compost but screened to a very fine particle size which is ideal for topdressing of existing turf areas. Smaller particle size makes it easier to work with when blending into existing grass areas and keeps most of the woody fiber pieces from hanging up in the grass blades.
$28.00/cubic yard

Organic Topsoil (50%/50% Mix)

Our most popular mix is 50% compost and 50% screened topsoil, which is ideal for new gardens or landscaped areas to grow vibrant plants, trees and shrubs. It can also be spread on existing soils prior to sodding to reduce watering initially and long term. Contains highly-concentrated organic matter to ensure the greatest growing results and water absorption. (MnDOT 3877.2G)
$25.00/cubic yard

Garden Blend

45% compost, 45% black dirt and 10% sand for an ideal affordable raised garden bed mix. Well drained, high organic mix for vegetable gardens or planting beds. Landscape architects use this frequently for raised planting boxes.
$27.00/cubic yard

Rain Garden/Infiltration/Filter Topsoil

Sand and compost blends designed to filter and clean water from roads, parking lots, rooftops or other hard surface areas prior to going into ground water tables, streams or lakes. The most common blend is 70% sand & 30% compost but we are able to mix at any ratio desired to achieve different goals. Feel free to give us a call for other mix ratios. (MnDOT 3877.2F or Stormwater Mix B)
$27.00/cubic yard

Loam Topsoil

Black dirt enhanced with a small amount of compost to target approximately 5% organic content and make it rich in microbes. This is screened through a ½” mesh and is used in any areas where a good quality topsoil layer is needed such as sodding or seeding and in planting beds. (MnDOT 3877.2B)
$24.00/cubic yard

Boulevard Topsoil (MNDot 3877.2E)

Three evenly blended components of 1/3 loam topsoil, 1/3 compost, 1/3 sand for use as structural soil and plant or turf establishment beds in areas adjacent to streets. Designed to flush sidewalk and road salts through quickly in spring before damaging plants. Will need more watering typically during hot dry spells. (MnDOT 3877.2E)
$24.00/cubic yard

Rooting Topsoil (MNDot 3877.2D)

60% sand, 20% compost, 20% loam topsoil for a plant growing media designed for rooting quickly. Can be used in infiltration areas or for high traffic turf areas and fields needing to absorb heavy rain events quickly. Depending on application it may need larger water and fertilizer inputs than other mixes to maintain plant health. (MnDOT 3877.2D)
$24.00/cubic yard

Washed Sand

Clean washed construction sand used for leveling pavers, concrete or sandboxes. (MnDOT 3126 Sand)
$24.00/cubic yard

Class 5 Gravel

Compactable base material mix of limestone gravel and fines. Used for roads, driveways and base material under concrete, asphalt or pavers.
$37.00/cubic yard

Special Custom Blends

SET consultants are available to help with other more custom mixes for stormwater applications, athletic field/golf mixes, nursery and garden blends, rooftop or structural soils. Contact us today for quotes on any of your specialty blends today. We are experts in Minnesota compost and soil.

STA Certified Compost

SET / The Mulch Store participates in the US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance program to make sure the product you are purchasing is finished and safe for use in a number of applications. All compost is not created equal! We test for pathogens, Heavy Metals, Nutrients, C/N Ratios, pH, Organic Content, Maturity and much more.

Other special soil blends available upon request.

Certified Compost benefits Minnesota soils

Locally Certified For Organic Use

SET / The Mulch Store also works with local organizations so that its products can be used in Organic growing operations.  Our STA Tested Organic compost is an allowed crop fertility amendment for most farm associations and programs, when independently approved. This basically means that it is allowed to be utilized to improve soils physical, chemical and biological properties in organic growing operations without it affecting their certification of the crop grown and sold.

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