Magic Mulch

Mulch can really take your landscaping design to the next level by adding unique visual interest and beauty to your environment. But did you know, that beyond its aesthetic appeal this unassuming product has long term benefits for your garden? Read below for some of the benefits of Magic Mulch!

Reduce Weeds

We all know everyone’s favorite part of gardening is the non-stop weeding, but in case you would like a break… add in some mulch! A blanket of mulch three to four inches deep will keep weeds at bay and keep their seeds from sprouting. Any weeds that do happen to sneak up will be easier to remove since their roots won’t go deep into the soil.

Protect Against Temperature Changes

Here in Minnesota, we are used to extreme temperatures. Help your plants thrive and survive no matter what Minnesota weather throws at them by adding a layer of mulch! Adding a two-to-three-inch-deep layer of mulch can help regulate the temperature of your soils. Plant roots stay cooler when temperatures rise during the heat of the summer, and similarly, the mulch helps keep the soil stay warmer and protect roots from the cold during Minnesota’s (sometimes) brutally cold winters.

Retain Water

Mulch is a great way to do your part in conserving water! While you’ll still need to water your plants, mulch will greatly reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil. Watering less means you are not only playing an important part in water conservation, but you’ll also be able to save money on your utility bills.

Add Nutrients

After a while, organic mulches will begin to decompose, and this is great news for your soil. As mulch breaks down into the soil, the organic matter will add valuable nutrients to your plants so they can grow strong and healthy.

Prevent Erosion

Mulch can not only help retain water, it can also prevent heavy rainfalls or overwatering from washing away your soils. Mulch can also protect soils from erosion in areas with strong winds or from compacting in areas that see lots of foot traffic.

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